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Medelita: Has one purpose, to reinvent the way women of all healthcare professions present themselves at work by offering the highest quality, best fitting, and most comfortable scrubs and lab coats available. We cater to professional women, like you, who want their uniform to embody the poise and confidence already displayed from within. After all, scrubs are square women are not.

Please visit to learn more about our unique scrubs and lab coats, order online, or read about women in healthcare. Use coupon code NPMall at checkout for free embroidery.

Scrubs Gallery: If you're looking for nursing scrubs, take a look at The website has a great selection of uniforms and allows you to browse, search and narrow your results by size, primary color, fabric, whether the scrubs are petite, regular or tall and by the features of the scrubs such as whether scrub pants have a drawstring waistband or an elastic waistband.

And if you're looking for lab coats, they have plenty of those as well.

Medical Tools
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