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Madeline D. Wiley, MSN, FNP
Maddy has been a family nurse practitioner since she graduated from the University of Pennsylvania in December 1980. Both a business woman and clinician, Maddy co-owned and ran an NP-owned practice from 1985 to 1996 before selling it and merging the practice with Valley Medical Center's Kent Clinic. In 2000, she and her partner, Bob Smithing, MSN, NP were recruited to open the first of a network of nurse managed family practices. Their practice, FamilyCare of Kent, opened it's doors in March 2000. Her clinical interests include asthma, allergy, dermatology, women's health care, and suturing and biopsies.

In addition to her clinical expertise she has been the Co-chair of the University of Washington-sponsored Pacific Northwest Primary Care conference since 1989. She is an editor of ARNP Care and on the editorial board of The Nurse Practitioner Journal. She is an Adjunct Clinical Faculty for the University of Washington. Her career has included officer positions in local and national nurse practitioner organizations.

She has been the Associate Editor-in-Chief of NP Central since it's inception in 1994.


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