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MirthBeat Productions and
Kevin L. Smith, RNC, MSN, FNP

MirthBeat Productions
Kevin Lee Smith, RNC, MSN, FNP
Humor workshops, Stand-up comedy, and Comedy writing
6655 Cortlawn Circle South, Minneapolis, Minnesota 55426
Phone: 612.625.3692
Fax: 612.626.2359

Want to add laughter, levity, and playfulness to your next conference? Your attendees will applaud you. Here's how:

Choose your prescription for a mirth-filled and memorable conference or meeting experience. You can select either a stand-up comedy performance or humor workshops – both with a slant towards nursing and health care. Please consider choosing fun and laughter for your upcoming conference in 2000, or plan ahead for 2001.

My Stand-Up Comedy is requested when conference organizers want pure "comic-relief." The stand-up works well as an after-lunch or after-dinner event, or as an end of the day light-hearted closing session.

The Humor Workshops/Keynotes can be an educational part of your conference. Workshops can be one hour, a half-day, or an all-day event. They are educational, fun, and informative, and have relevant continuing education objectives.

My other job is teaching in the Family Nurse Practitioner program at the University of Minnesota. Member, American Association for Therapeutic Humor, Minnesota Speakers Association, American Academy of Nurse Practitioners, National Organization of Nurse Practitioner Faculty, Sigma Theta Tau.

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Updated June 12, 2000